I don’t often say this, but I’m proud to call you my patient. Where there once stood an underdeveloped man-boy beta who couldn’t pull his own weight, I now see a compliant, polite domestic sissy. You should be proud of yourself, too! Your wife, Vera, has been able to invest energy in herself again. Why, she’s even dating! You’re happy for her, aren’t you? Just look at her radiant smile. Because of your chastity and cum eating regimen, your beta male hormones have finally settled where they belonged all along. No more masculine life for you. It feels good to give it up, doesn’t it? You were right, Vera. Your husband is completely domesticated, now. There’s no turning back. Your cock has been in chastity so long, it’s nothing more than an ornament between your legs. We have a present for you. Think of it as a graduation gift. Today, you get your first real Sissy uniform. You have your wife to thank for that. She suggested we finalize your transformation with white satin panties, a shapely girdle, silky stockings, lacy tops, and cute kitten heels to really perk up those sissy legs. Put it all on for us so we can see how it fits. Don’t be shy! Hurry up and dress for us, proud little sissy maid. There are chores to be done. Once you’ve displayed your feminized form for us, you have to draw her a nice bath and lay out her lingerie for her date tonight. Don’t wait up! A real man will be taking care of her sexual needs from now on. Atta girl. That’s a good sissy. Starring Larkin Love and Vera Price. Contains the following erotic elements: IMPOSED CROSSDRESSING – PROSTATE MASSAGE INSTRUCTION – ANAL ORGASM TRAINING – CUM EATING INSTRUCTION – SPH – JOI – FEMDOM POV – MEDICAL FETISH – SISSY TRAINING – CHASTITY – BETA MALE THERAPY.

Ganre: CEI, Imposed Crossdressing, Cuckolding, Key Holding & Chastity, Sissy Training.

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