Queen Beryl is at it again! She’s sent a small army of monsters to attack innocent citizens and make them property of the Negaverse. Luckily, Sailor Mercury is ready on the scene. She uses a special attack to shrink the monsters down to the size of gummy bears. The evil has been subdued, but not destroyed. With the other Sailor Scouts busy elsewhere, Mercury has no choice but to destroy the monsters herself – by swallowing them one by one! Evil doesn’t go down easy. Each creature takes several hard, loud gulps to swallow. Sailor Mercury follows the path of each monster down her throat, down into her chest, and finally into her stomach. Once she’s consumed all the evil creatures, her magical absorption powers activate in her tummy. She shakes her tummy back and forth, massaging it gently with her hands to make sure those evil demons meet their end. TONGUE FETISH – VORE – SUPERHEROINES – SWALLOWING/DROOLING – EATING – GIANTESS – BELLY FETISH – THROAT FETISH.

Ganre: Cosplay, Giantess, Superheroines, Tongue Fetish, Vore .

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