After a long day of pokemon hunting you take your pokemon to the POKeMON CENTER for some TLC! Oh no… Nurse Joy quickly realizes there’s something seriously wrong with an unfamiliar pokemon you recently caught. She sends you to the waiting room while she works on curing its ailments. To Nurse Joy’s surprise the pokemon begins going up her skirt and penetrating her – OMG! That’s it – It wants to mate! She happily surrenders her body to its whims in order to treat it. She fills her pussy with mating goo and pushes the eggs inside of her to ensure she gets knocked up by the mysterious pokemon. But wait… you burst into the room to check on the progress to find Nurse Joy squeezing the eggs out of her pussy. Stay tuned for Part 2 where Nurse Joy blows a Pokemon Trainer! Part 2.

Ganre: Cosplay, Impregnation Fantasy, Nurse Play, Odd Insertions, Role Play .

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