I’m just having a normal week day morning – trying to enjoy my coffee and browsing my phone for as long as I can before I have to actually get ready for work. What’s that? A package? I don’t remember ordering anything. Ah well, I’ll just leave it on my bed and check it out later when I get home – for now I have to finished getting ready. Hmm, I can’t seem to shake the feeling like something is watching me while I’m getting dressed. What the fuck, my hands are stuck in the closet?! Just my luck to get stuck in a damn closet and be late for work… but what is that slimy thing I feel on my thigh? Ew, it’s a bug! I hate bugs! I can’t get it off of me because I’m stuck and it’s making me feel so light headed. Did it sting me? Must have. I’m sure if I shake it off it will just go away and as soon as I get my hands free I can finish getting ready for work. Oh wow, I’m getting more and more dizzy and this bug is growing! I’m stuck here naked and this thing is sliding between my pussy lips. It’s going inside of me! There’s no way this thing is a bug! Oh my god it’s filling me with eggs! I might even cum from it! How will I explain this to my boss? Or my boyfriend? I have to get these eggs out of me!.

Ganre: Aliens & Monsters, Impregnation Fantasy, Odd Insertions, Eye Glasses, Cum Play.

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